Updated Website

The church of Ireland Children’s Ministry website has been updated and has a new contemporary look, a very user friendly feel and is packed with resources and ideas for children’s ministry.

The website supports the work of the Children’s Ministry Network (CMN) which began in June 2011. The Network is made up of representatives from each diocese as well as representatives from the Board of Education, the Church of Ireland Youth Department, the Sunday School Society etc. The chair of the network is Bishop Alan Abernethy.

The aim of the network is to provide training, support and resources to grass roots leaders, diocesan representatives and clergy involved in children’s ministry. The website provides and recommends good quality resources for children’s ministry and is well worth visiting frequently. There are lots of ideas at the moment for Advent and Christmas as well as more general ideas for prayer, music, crafts and games.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out by following the link below: