St. Peter’s Holiday Bible Club

St. Peter’s Church held their first Holiday Bible Club this August – organised by Frank Dillon, the Children’s and Family worker for the parish. Frank has been working tirelessly to build up the number of children engaging with activities at St. Peter’s by providing fun, friendly, child focused events with a great message about Jesus told in a relevant and up to date way.

Here, Frank explains what went on at the Holiday Bible Club:

“We had a great time here at St Peter’s during our holiday bible club, which took place over 5 evenings. We explored God within our emotions by following the theme of the popular Disney movie “Inside out.” Each evening we took a different emotion from the movie as our theme and explored where God is in that emotion, and in our lives. This took us on a journey, explaining anger and how to properly deal with it, looking at fear and how God is with us in everything and many other aspects.

Throughout this week, our children expressed themselves through worship, prayer and craft (usually making a huge mess) and we all had a great time in the process. All of our children engaged really well with the content and expressed an interest in the different parts of our lives that God is the centre of. Over the week, we had over 20 children attend, which is a great number for this part of North Belfast, and we hope to build on what we have seen this year in both numbers and content!”