St Paul’s Lisburn supports Baby Basics in a BIG way!

In the last couple of months Baby Basics has had a huge amount of support from several churches in our diocese one of which was St. Paul’s, Lisburn.  St. Paul’s rector Rev Arthur Young took on supporting Baby Basics over the Harvest period and many organisations in the church joined in with the 4-week challenge.

Karen Webb visited the church back in October to tell the congregation about the diocesan project and how it is helping needy families in the Belfast area. The church then took on the challenge with gusto and got lots of organisations involved including the Girls Brigade and the Toddler group. Jill visited the Girl’s brigade and explained the Baby Basics Belfast story to two different age groups. The girls were extremely enthusiastic and excited about being involved in supporting the Baby Basics project. A huge thanks to Alison Stevenson, Captain of the GB and all the leaders who were so willing to encourage and support the girls in this endeavor.

Heather Marsden who oversees the toddler group “Lots of Tots” helped to co-ordinate the whole church collection and sorted out all the donations for us saving us a huge amount of time and effort. We knew that there was going to be a huge number of donated items when we got an email from Heather asking us if we wanted them to sort out a van to transport everything to the Connect Base as there was so much!!

We are hugely grateful to all the organisations and the members of the church congregation in St. Paul’s who took part in the Baby Basics 4-week challenge. Their donations gave us a huge much needed boost as our stock of donations had been almost completely depleted.

The donations given by St. Paul’s are already going out to families who have recently been referred to Baby Basics. We continue to be very busy with referrals from agencies across Belfast. The Christmas period was especially busy last year, and we expect it to be just as busy this year. It is wonderful to be able to help families in need and through this tremendous effort from St Paul’s we will be able to deliver help to dozens of families in the coming weeks and months.