St. Nicholas Parish Carrickfergus supports Baby Basics

Huge thanks to St. Nicholas Parish in Carrickfergus who took on the Baby Basics 4-week challenge in January.

The Baby Basics 4-week challenge involves the church congregation collecting donations of essential clothing and toiletries for the families in need who have just had or are about to have a new baby. The donations are collected over 4 Sundays in church and at the end of the challenge are passed on to the baby Basics team who are based in the Shankill Road Connect Base.   The items are sorted and stored in the Connect Base ready for distribution to families who need them in the coming weeks.

The Mother’s Union at St. Nicholas played a leading role in taking on the challenge, actively supporting it themselves through their own donations and encouraging the wider congregation to join in. Special thanks to Christine Cahoon for all her hard work and for liaising with us at Baby Basics.  The result was a large quantity of items collected including, nappies, toiletries for mum and baby, baby clothing, baby bath, blankets etc.

Jill Hamilton visited the Mother’s Union meeting in February to thank the members and to briefly share a few stories about the families that Baby Basics Belfast supports. The ladies were very interested to hear about how Baby Basics supports vulnerable families across the city and were delighted to be of help.

The following day, 2 of the Mother Union members sorted and delivered the donated items to the Connect Base. As well as all the donated items they also gave us £105 to put towards Baby Basics expenses. This was gratefully received as some items do need to be purchased to make up the packs.

Karen Webb said, “The donations from St. Nicholas filled the whole floor of the Connect Base. It was so brilliant that they were all sorted for us as this really reduces the workload at this end. Still it took several hours to get everything packed away which shows what a large number of items were donated.  A massive thank you to St. Nicholas.”