The resources in this section can be downloaded and photocopied and used freely in your children’s ministry. If you have any good ideas that you would like to share, please get in touch. It would be great to post your resources for the benefit of others also working with children in the diocese and beyond!

Children’s Programmes

Lunch for a Bunch

Messy Church Programmes

The Prodigal Son

The Sower



Memory Verses

10 Creative Memory Verse Ideas for children’s groups

Catchphrase Memory verse


10 Creative Prayer Ideas for children’s groups

Active Prayers

Catapult instructions

Praying with skittles



Seasonal Activities

St. Valentine’s Day

Mothering Sunday




Teaching Resources

This material is suitable for use in your Sunday morning children’s ministry and is ideal for ages 4-11

The Life of Moses – a 9 week series

Loving God and Each other – a 4 week series

Thankful and Faithful – a 4 week series for Harvest

This resource written by Claire Holmes, is a comprehensive guide to teaching the bible to primary aged children. It is packed full of tools for running a children’s club with ideas for every aspect of the programme. It will have a broad appeal to all children and is suitable for those who don’t have high-tech knowledge or equipment.

Tools of the Trade


10 Top Websites for Children’s Ministry

Ten Top Resources- books