Rachel Turner comes to speak at Ballymoney

On Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd January, Ballymoney Parish hosted 2 sessions with Rachel Turner.

Rev Brian Howe and his wife Pam heard Rachel speak at New Wine in Sligo and were so fired up by what she had to say that they were determined to bring her along to Ballymoney Parish and give others the opportunity to hear her and benefit from her teaching.

At Ballymoney, Rachel shared insights and information from her latest book “Parenting Children for a life of Confidence.” Her style of delivery is humorous, engaging and very easy to listen to. She speaks with great insight –telling personal stories of her own family life with her young son as well as stories from her work with children and young people.

The Saturday session was divided into two parts. The first session was aimed at parents; sharing how to help your child grow in confidence in their life and in their faith. The second session was aimed at children’s leaders and looked at praying with children, how to help them encounter God through prayer and how to carry out prayer ministry with your kids. Rachel has developed a step by step model to help leaders feel confident about providing prayer ministry for children. She brought the group through the process, explaining, modelling and then letting us have a go in groups of 3. For lots more information about this it’s worth checking out Rachel’s website www.shackattheback.com

Can I just point out here that going to any event put on at Ballymoney Parish is a great treat because of the gorgeous buns they give you! It’s really worth turning up just for the food but in this case we got Rachel too!!

Coffee and tea and amazing homemade cakes helped us all start the morning and then we were provided with a great lunch with sandwiches and more traybakes.

If you didn’t get a chance to come to hear Rachel Turner this time, keep in mind that she really is worth listening to and take the opportunity to hear her the next time! Whether you are a parent yourself or work with children and young people, her message is equally challenging and relevant. She will inspire anyone who has a heart for seeing children and young people grow in their faith. Not only that but she encourages and challenges us as adults as well. All of us who were present felt that Rachel’s message was as relevant for us as adults as it was for children and it was such a worthwhile experience being there.


Rachel has worked in churches for over 10 years as a Children’s, Youth and Family Pastor. She consults, speaks at conferences and runs training days for parents, children and youth workers around the UK and Europe. She is the author of Parenting Children for a Life of Faith (2010), Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose (2014), and Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence (2015).