Patrick’s Mysterious Adventure – Public Days

Some comments from visitors:

“The dramatic presentation of the story was brilliant.”

“It was SUPER GOOD” – Carrie aged 6

“There was a great deal of information and the interaction was brilliant.”

“The interactive drama was educational, well-pitched, superbly done.”

“I thought the tour was fantastic: the kids were enthralled.”

Days 3 and 4 of Patrick’s Mysterious Adventure were our public days when we opened up the doors to the general public to come in and experience the exhibition all free of charge.

On Friday we had 3 timed performances of the life of St. Patrick with actors taking groups around the story trail and dramatizing each part of Patrick’s life, from his capture by Irish raiders, his life of slavery in Ireland, his escape by boat, his arrival back home to see his family and finally to his eventual call by God back to Ireland to preach to the Irish and tell them the gospel story.

Designing Irish Celtic Crosses

On St. Patrick’s Day itself (Friday 17th), crowds gathered to see the parade pass by and both before and after the parade, families were eager to come in and see what was going on in the cathedral. Around 600 people came in and experienced the story trail and the other activities. We had Dr. Therese Cullen, an expert in St. Patrick’s life and legacy, who gave talks in the side chapel, circus performers who milled about and entertained the visitors and the craft company “Doodlebugs” who did simple craft workshops with the kids. We also had Irish Celtic crosses and snakes to colour and take away as well as dressing up and a giant Snakes and Ladders game in our Myths and Legends section.

Mr and Mrs Leprechaun come for a visit

On Saturday 18th we had around 300 people coming in to take part in all the activities. As well as the story trail with timed performances we had the Ardglass Vikings who brought their Viking longboat along and did mock battles with children outside the cathedral. We also had the ever popular Jumping Clay who ran a workshop making shamrocks and other child friendly creations. The large head characters “Mr and Mrs Leprechaun” came along and posed for plenty of photos with visitors as did our circus performers Leary Quinn- a leprechaun on stilts and Pirate Peg.

On Sunday 19th we finished the event with and all age St. Patrick themed service with drama from Chris and Ross from the drama company “Play It By Ear.” Bishop Alan Abernethy joined in the fun acting as Bishop Patrick returning to Ireland.

Some of the team

A big thanks to all our actors who played their parts so brilliantly – to Chris Neilands and Ross Jonas from Play It By Ear who scripted the story as well as acting and to all of the other actors who volunteered giving their time freely. They were Andrew Neill (Declan), Stephen Whitten (Patrick’s dad) Aimee Gibson (Patrick’s mum), Lynne Gibson, Rev. Isobel Hawthorne-Steele, Frank Dillon, Karen Webb, Caroline Webb (pirates and sailors), Victoria Jackson and Megan Bell (angel/teacher/Irish person).

Also a big thank you to all our other volunteers who helped with set up and take down, welcomed visitors, guided people and looked after the props. They were Heather Carson, Hazel Coulter, Trevor and Karen Douglas, Danielle McCullough, Lucy Burden, Christine Bailie, Tim Webb, Geoff Hamilton, Emma Flemming, Janet Spence, and Caroline Edgar.

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