Patrick’s Mysterious Adventure has begun….

Welcome to day 1 of Patrick’s Mysterious Adventure and what a day it has been. So far four schools from the local area (Blythefield PS, Harmony PS, Sacred Heart Boys PS and St. Mary’s PS) have visited and enjoyed the interactive story trail and workshops.

Patrick’s life story is brought to life by an able group of actors led by Ross Jonas and Chris Neilands from the Christian Drama Company “Play It By Ear”. The two actors wrote the script for the drama and play some of the main parts. The other parts of the story are played by Andrew Neill (Declan), Stephen Whitten (Patrick’s dad) Aimee Gibson (Patrick’s mum), Lynne Gibson, Rev. Isobel Hawthorne-Steele, Frank Dillon, Caroline Webb (pirates and sailors), Victoria Jackson and Megan Bell (angel/teacher/Irish person).

The school children are captured along with Patrick by  Irish pirates and put on a boat bound for Ireland to be sold as slaves. They experience what life was like for Patrick as a slave tending sheep for 6 long years on a cold, wet Irish hillside. They see the angel who appears to Patrick in a vision telling him that God has provided a boat to take him home again and they sneak off with Patrick, past his masters house and journey with him as he escapes slavery and Ireland forever……. Or does he??  The story of Patrick’s life continues as the children weave their way around the trail until at last Patrick is called by God to come back to the land of his captivity and share his Christian faith with the Irish people.

As well as the trail, the schools participated in 2 workshops, a history workshop led by Linda McKenna, the Community Education Manager from Down County Museum in Downpatrick and an art workshop led by local artist Emma Hawthorne who taught the children how to print designs onto material! Check out our photo gallery to find out more!