Patrick’s Mysterious Adventure 2018 – Day One

St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland, Broughshane host Patrick’s Mysterious Adventure!

Patrick’s Mysterious Adventure got off to a flying start this year with 4 local schools attending on the first day.

In each session the pupils were divided into two groups, and while group one took part in two workshops, group two were led around the interactive story trail. The workshops included a history workshop, where the pupils got to know a bit more about St. Patrick’s life and character, and an art workshop where the pupils drew Celtic crosses onto canvas. We were delighted to have Canon Stuart Lloyd leading our history workshop and sharing local knowledge about St. Patrick and his connections to Mount Slemish.

In the interactive story trail actors brought the story of Patrick to life and as the audience was led around the trail, they found out about Patrick’s capture by pirates, his slavery in Ireland and his consequent escape after 6 long years.  The story then moved on to Patrick’s calling by God which eventually led him back to Ireland as a bishop to share the Christian faith with the Irish people. There was a bit of fun and humour along the way as the pupils were captured alongside Patrick and put on the pirate ship to row to Ireland.

Our cast of actors this year are led by Ross Jonas and Chris Neilands from the “Play it By Ear” drama company. Today’s cast also included Aimee Gibson, Victoria Jackson Andrew Neill and Stephen Whitten, members of Connor’s Children’s and Youth Councils as well as Richard Reade, Violet Lucas, Amanda Gregg and Sarah Gamble, from Broughshane Parish.

The schools took part in 2 competitions which they completed prior to the trip. Today’s winners included Hazelbank Primary who won the “Design a 3D snake” class competition for “Sammy” their amazing moveable cup snake and took away a prize of £200 for the class and Annie from St. Paul’s won the “Design and colour a snake pattern” competition and took away £50 for herself. There were lots of other runners up prizes of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies too!  We look forward to welcoming 4 more schools along tomorrow!

We had some special visitors today including Archdeacon Paul Dundas and Keith Turner from UUP leader Robin Swann’s office.