New children’s resource

This 9 week series covers the life of Moses beginning with the story of baby Moses being hidden in a basket in the Nile and going right though his life to when Moses the leader of the Israelites receives the ten commandments.

The series is set out in 3 week blocks with the 3rd week being a recap week. TheMoses and the ten commandments programme involves loads of participation from the children including competitive quizzes, hands on activities and more reflective times to respond to God’s word. The recap weeks are packed with games and crafts and should allow children to make some choices about what activities they want to do. There are also some ideas for groups which have a small space to work within.

As well as the 9 week detailed lesson plan, there are also a number of linked resources that can be downloaded from the Ripple website and used right away.

The series will work well if you have a monthly All Age service as it can be used during the other 3 Sundays of the month. It can also be split into 3 and used when you have space within your main programme. Click here to access the material.