Messy Church taster sessions

Since Lucy Moore spoke at Building Blocks in November 2014, there has been an increase in the number of churches in Northern Ireland exploring the idea of setting up their own Messy Church. Some other churches are open to learning from Messy Church and adapting the ideas to suit their own context.

One way of finding out about Messy Church is to host a Messy Church taster session in your church hall. This is an evening for potential leaders – members of the church congregation who would be willing to get involved and be part of a Messy Church team. It gives people an opportunity to see and experience what Messy Church is like and gives examples of the kinds of activities that take place in a typical Messy Church setting. It’s an interactive evening and involves making crafts and joining in with interactive songs, stories and prayers. It allows people to get a feel for the kind of welcoming, informal atmosphere that Messy Church creates. It also helps people think about whether Messy Church would be the right way for them to encourage people in the local community (who are not already connected with any church) to experience being part of their church family.

If you would be interested in finding out more about Messy Church please contact Jill Hamilton at