Messy Church Leaders Get Together

The latest Messy Church Leaders get together took place on 16th June at Mount Merrion Parish. Thanks to Angela Megarry for offering to host us and providing the tea and coffee.

There were 18 of us altogether which was a great turn out so thanks to everyone who made the effort to be there. Quite a few weren’t able to make it which is understandable as it is a busy time of the year. If you are interested in sharing ideas and getting inspiration from other Messy Church leaders, it is a good evening so come along the next time round. We are planning to meet again in November!

We had a look at two new Messy Church publications – Messy Family Fun –A Holiday Club for all the Family by Lucy Moore and Extreme Crafts for Messy Church by Pete Maidment and Barry Brand.  “Extreme crafts for Messy Church” has 50 ideas for activities that boys and men will particularly enjoy and be happy to participate in. So if you are looking for ideas to keep the males interested – look no further. We had a go at doing around 10 of the crafts from the book and everyone seemed to enjoy them and think they were worth including in their Messy Churches in the future. If you would like more details about the crafts we explored contact me at

CD hover craft
CD hovercraft
Cobra bracelet
Making a Cobra bracelet
Making curry paste
Making curry paste







After messing around with extreme crafts for half an hour (more like 45 minutes – everyone was enjoying themselves), we got together and shared some ideas from our own Messy Churches.

Here’s one simple but really effective idea from Mount Merrion – the Messy Church room was half filled with boxes and everyone was tasked with constructing a building –there are so many bible stories this could be linked into e.g. House on the rock/sand, walls of Jericho, Noah’s ark, tower of Babel to name a few. The story could even be told inside one of the constructions.

And how about this Easter idea from St. John’s Rathfriland; this cute chick is made from a polystyrene egg, golf teas, feathers, pipe cleaner and googly eyes.

1st. Bangor Presbyterian brought along examples of wooden crosses they had made from wood, nails and wool and also lamps with glass jars, tissue paper and tealights.

Cute Easter Chick
Cute Easter Chick
Craft idea 2
Woolen cross
Craft idea 3
Tealight lamp







All of the above have proved a great success and have kept the Messy Church congregations busy and engaged throughout the activity time.

At the end of the get together, we had a short discussion about any issues or problems we face in our Messy churches. One issue raised was whether there is a need to link every activity to the theme of the day. We thought that is important and worthwhile to give people experiences linked to the story as often people are coming to it for the first time. To be able to say “remember you were making this and doing that – well look out for those in today’s story….” can be very helpful and make the story much more memorable. Having said all that we agreed that a hugely important part of Messy church is having fun together and building relationships and we thought that doing some things just for fun was valid. We thought it was possible to get caught up in linking everything meticulously at the expense of letting everyone enjoy themselves doing something really fun.

If you would like your say, why not come along to our next meeting ? Details will be sent out nearer the time. If you would like to be included in the Messy Church database in order to receive news and ideas from the Messy Church team in England and also local news and updates, just contact me at

Discussion 2