Messy Church International Conference 2016

The Messy Church International conference 2016 is taking place from 16th -18th May at the High Leigh conference centre in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

There are delegates from many countries  around the world including Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and all parts of the UK.

Fischy Music’s Stephen Fischbacher and Ken Wylie have been excellent at leading the worship using a range of Fischy Music songs accompanied by mime, actions and signing ideas.

On Monday night there was a Messy Church session from one of the latest Messy Church publications- “Messy Hospitality” by Lucy Moore. The theme of the session was Abraham’s encounter with the three visitors who came to report the news of the imminent arrival of a baby son.

On Tuesday, George Lings spoke to a packed room about Messy Church showing the way in terms of a path forward for the church. He will continue with Messy Church finding the way on Wednesday. Lucy Moore Martin Payne and others spoke about Messy discipleship and called on Messy Church practitioners from various countries around the world to share their thoughts and experiences.

In between times there has been time for  Messy Conversations, Messy Communion and shopping for resources at the Marketplace!

Food is delicious at the High Leigh centre too!

Photos from the Messy Church session Abraham and the three visitors