Messy Church at New Wine

New Wine hosted another Messy Church event this year in the Kids zone where the wonderful kids programme takes place.

The Messy church taster session is a chance to come along, have fun and encounter God with all the family. It also helps everyone to find out more about what Messy Church is and how it works. The all-age nature of Messy Church is very important and so the programme is designed to cater for the whole family.

The Messy Church event was organized by Gillian Millar who runs the 5-10 Kids programme at New Wine each year. She was ably assisted by her team of young volunteers and a band of musicians.

The event ran from 2pm -4pm and consisted of an hour of crafts, games and activities for families, a short celebration service and the all-important ice-cream treat to finish. Jill Hamilton who is the Messy Church coordinator for N. Ireland introduced the event and Rev. Robert Ferris who is the Messy Church coordinator for the South of Ireland gave a talk during the celebration. In true Messy style, Robert’s talk was very interactive and involved throwing lots of balls around the room to illustrate how we can share the good news of Jesus.

Check out the photos and short video clips to get a better taste of how it all went! If you would be interested in finding out more about Messy Church please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Loom band craftHard at workTwister!Making windmillsPaper Plate tambourinesThe bandRev. Robert Ferris as Indiana Jones!Robert captures everyone's attentionPassing out treasure