Magheragall CLCGB Display

 A huge well done to the boys, girls and young people of the Magheragall Parish, Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade for the brilliant display which they treated their parents and supporters to on Friday night (27th March). By the left, Quick, March!

The audience enjoyed an action packed programme of dramas, races, dances, poems and marching. The evening was filled with memorable and inventive items such as “The Great Magheragall Bake Off” in which each child teamed up with an audience member to create the “Best Bun” and the “87th Academy Awards” in which the seniors show cased their filmmaking skills! The children thoroughly enjoyed the participation of their families and of the Reverend Dark who whole heartedly entered into the spirit of the evening, getting involved in races and a very strenuous army style boot camp! Rev. Dark does boot camp!

Well done to all of the leaders who worked so hard to bring the evening together and to the children who took part and entertained the audience so well, there were a lot of very proud parents!

There was a multitude of awards to be presented at the end of the evening, echoing how much the children have achieved and developed this year, skills which were already evident from their performances. The brigade has visibly had a busy and rewarding year filled with new projects and friendships as well as several sporting successes! Their leaders spoke proudly of how much the members had learnt and grown throughout the year and look forward to seeing them back in September for more challenges!

 A brilliant night was had all round leaving many eagerly anticipating next year’s event already, well done to all who were involved!