Let’s Stick Together -Care for the Family

Sonya Pascoe heads up Care For the Family’s “Let’s Stick Together” project. She came into Church House this week to tell us all about it.


‘Let’s Stick Together’ is a free of charge one hour one off (Can be shorter if appropriate) session which is aimed at new parents.  The startling and worrying statistics tell us that 50% of married couples, who will end up separated, will do so in the first 5 years of a baby coming into the home.  The stats are even direr for couples who co-habit.  Therefore this project is aimed to reverse these stats.


It is a session that looks at 3 principles in the relationship – stopping bad habits before they become the norm, introducing more good habits and Keeping Dads involved as an active co-parent rather than mum taking over or be left to look after the baby alone.  It is a fun session where those who attend do not have to enter into any discussions at all.  Sometimes, in fact, usually, people think this ‘sort of thing’ is to be avoided because it is embarrassing – feedback from those who have attended a session have said it was ‘FUN’ ‘ENJOYABLE’ ‘HELPFUL’ ‘NOT CRINGEWORTHY’ ‘REAL’.  It is a presentation that is simple but we trust very effective at getting people in relationships to consider their own attitudes, actions and reactions and to try and nip bad habits in the bud before they take hold.


They get a free gift at the end which has a booklet containing all that the sessions included, just to consolidate all that has been said.


Just a reminder that these sessions are for all faiths and none – there is no biblical content to the session at all, but of course it is based totally on Christian principles.  They have been used effectively already as part of the baptismal prep classes, mums and tots, children’s Church etc.  The sessions can be as often as you require and are all free of charge. Size of group is adaptable to what you need, but it is better not to have more than 10/12 as it starts to feel a little more like a seminar instead of relaxed.


If you would like further information please click on the link “Let’s Stick Together”