Killead Parish support Baby Basics

A big thank you to Killead Parish who took on the Baby Basics 4-week challenge during the month of February. The parishioners were asked to buy a few extra items as part of the weekly shop and bring them to church to help fill Baby Basics starter packs. Items include nappies and other toiletries for baby, toiletries for mum and dad, household products such as washing powder, baby clothes, Moses baskets, new mattresses and lots more besides.

Mrs Jacqui McCord co-ordinated the effort and got the support of Killead Mother’s Union and Killead’s knitting group ‘Pins and Needles’ as well. Jill Hamilton came and spoke to the Mother’s Union about Baby Basics and then came back to speak to the whole congregation  at the Sunday Service at the end of April and to collect all the items.  As you can see from the photo, there was an amazing array of donations.  We had a hard job getting everything fitted into one small Hyundai i20 but we managed it!  Rev. John McClure thanked Mrs Jacqui McCord during the service for all she did in bringing everyone together to support Baby Basics so generously. Jacqui said “We just want to help and it’s good for us as a church to support folks in need.”

The donations included lots of lovely knitted items from Pins and Needles who have worked really hard to produce all the beautiful knitwear over the past months. The group has supported Baby Basics before, so we are very grateful for their continued help and support to us.

Baby Basics Belfast is ongoing and continues to be very busy with regular referrals from a range of health professionals and charity workers who work with poor and needy families across Belfast. This year so far we have sent out 62 starter packs up to the end of April. We very much value the support that churches across Connor Diocese have given us.