Kid’s Big Adventure

The “Kid’s Big Adventure” dates are 3 Diocesan days for children throughout Connor. The 3 dates are in 3 different venues; one in each of the archdeaconries so there should be a venue near you. Each church will get an information pack at the beginning of September with leaflets, a poster and details of how to register and get tickets.

Please see our online flyer for more information about dates and venues!

The aims behind these days are as follows:


  1. To see children excited about God and their faith
  2. To help children understand that they are part of a bigger family than their church alone.
  3. To enable children to encounter God through a range of activities
  4. To allow children to play an active part in the day’s events.


  1. To help leaders feel supported and encourage by the wider diocesan family
  2. To enable leaders to meet and network with leaders from other churches
  3. To provide training for leaders during the day by modelling good practice
  4. To have reproducible activities that leaders can easily use or adapt
  5. To listen to leaders on the day and respond to them by providing more training opportunities as follow up events.

Leaders please come along with the children from your Sunday school and children’s groups and help to make “Kid’s Big Adventure 2014” memorable and significant for all of us!