Kids Big Adventure at St. Paul’s Lisburn

Our third and final venue for Kid’s Big Adventure was at St. Paul’s Lisburn where we had over 70 children and 25 leaders along.

Karen Webb and John O’Neill started us off with some silly warm up songs that had everyone giggling and joining in. Phoebe and Chris were back to set the scene before the camels Engelbert and Humperdinck came to tell us the bible story in their own unique style! Andrew Neill spoke to the children about trusting God and keeping our eyes focused on him.

It was great to be together and to get to know each other a bit better. The workshops allowed the children from different church groups a chance to get chatting to one another and leaders were able to exchange a few ideas, and get some resources in the leaders café.

St. Paul’s Lisburn proved to be a fantastic venue – we were really well looked after by Heather Carson and Chris Neilands and their team of volunteers who manned our craft and challenges workshops so well. St. Paul’s provided a “vintage tearoom” leaders café where the leaders could escape for a short while to gather their energy and get a cuppa before going back into the joyful madness. Richard Ryan was there with some resources from “The Bookwell” for leaders and children.

We had a fantastic time and hope all the leaders and kids enjoyed themselves too and learned something about God along the way.

Check out our video of the days events at St. Paul’s!