Kids Big Adventure at Jordanstown

Our second Kids Big Adventure was in St. Patrick’s Jordanstown and we had 91 children and 30+ leaders attending.

We had great support from churches for this venue with a few who couldn’t make it to Ballymoney making the effort to come along to Jordanstown instead! The venue was fantastic so a huge thank you to Rev. Nigel Baylor and Rev. Jonny Campbell-Smyth for allowing us to use the halls, providing us with a crew of helpers from their own church volunteers and being there themselves throughout the day to help and support us!

Again we couldn’t have wished for a more enthusiastic group of kids – they loved the songs and the upfront presentations, and they participated with all the workshops and activities joyfully and with gusto!

A big thank you to all you leaders who gave up your Saturday to come along and support the children. The feeling from leaders was that it was really worthwhile to have a day out with the kids, have fun and  build relationships and learn about God too. A great idea which some groups told us about was the stop off for chips on the way home. A sure way to round off the day well and to put a smile on those young faces!

Check out the video below to get a flavour of the day!