Kids Big Adventure 2016 at Glenavy

Rhythm inside dance moves!

“Wow oh oh oh oh oh , we had rhythm inside!!”

Yes we certainly did. That was our theme song “Rhythm Inside” – with groovy dance moves taught by Aimee and Victoria, two of our Connor Children’s council members.

Kids Big Adventure number 2 took place in Glenavy Parish on Saturday 15th October and we had such a great crowd of children and leaders from 11 different parishes. We are very grateful to all the leaders who organised groups, sorted out forms, booked buses and gave up their Saturday afternoon to be with us and support the children in their group. We were delighted to have so many kids come along and a big thank you to all of you who did come and for joining in with so much enthusiasm.

The Building Challenge!

Our starter activity was the building challenge so check out the photos in the gallery for some snazzy builds and some great creative minds!

James from Fun with Drums was with us again and did a great warm up session, followed by two workshops for the different age ranges. He had the children totally enthralled and all working with great timing and rhythm.

Our drama “Joshua and the battle of Jericho” saw Joshua and his Israelite army running round those mighty strong walls again and knocking them down with just a few blows on the priests trumpets and a bit of a loud yell!

Making swing drums!

Humperdinck the camel got a bit worried that the walls of Glenavy parish centre would fall on top of him but his big “brudder” Engelbert managed to help him understand the true meaning of the story.

We also made lots of balloon drums, swing drums maracas and castanets in our percussion instrument making workshop led by Heather  and we rounded off the afternoon with a rhythmic prayer – “the Jesus Haka!” taught by Karen.

Karen teaches the Jesus Haka

A big thank you to Andrew Neill the children’s and family worker at Glenavy (and Connor children’s council member) who organised so much behind the scenes for us as well as doing the sound and drama!  Also a big thank you to all Andrew’s team who came along to support us. It was a fantastic venue and we were so glad to be there.

Finally huge thanks to all the members of our children’s council who give up their time so willingly and make eejits of themselves up front in order to touch the lives of our children and support all our wonderful Connor leaders. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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