Kids Big Adventure 2015 at Cloughfern

On Saturday 10th, we had our first “Kids Big Adventure” Making spiders 5at Cloughfern Parish.

We had 9 parishes attending with 57 kids and 24 leaders.

The theme this year was God’s Big Garden and we told the story of the creation, fall and God’s rescue plan in sending Jesus to take the punishment and bring us back to God.


Our crafts, storytelling, drama, games, puppets, and songs were all linked to the theme of God’s wonderful creation and His love for us despite our mistakes.Warm up 5

We started off the day by making pipe cleaner spiders complete with googly eyes and beads. Some looked so realistic that a few of the children were a bit scared of their own creation AGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!

We then had 45 minutes all together for an on stage presentation beginning with the much loved warm up songs led by Karen and Amy Webb, which got everybody up and moving. “Phoebe and Theo” –those 2 pesky “children” got lost again and ended up on the stage telling us all about a competition they had set themselves to make the best “creation”.

Praise songs 8

Our praise songs were led by Aimee Gibson and Amy Webb and there were some pretty cool moves going on during those songs I have to tell you!

Then Engelbert and Humperdinck the two camels came on to tell us all about an “invisibility hat” which didn’t quite work out as planned………….


Our first workshop included a range of crafts – such as party blower snakes, peg bugs, Adam and Eve biscuits and design your own creature. Our second workshop included 3 challenges – creation cranium, remote control jeep obstacle course and a pass the parcel style challenge called “World of Good things” using lots of sellophane wrapping, a couple of dice and lots of sweets!

Praise songs 6

We ended up all together again for some more songs, a group game and a brilliant interactive talk led by Andrew Neill who was trying to look after some seeds and …… well let’s just say Monty Don and Alan Titchmarch have nothing to worry about just yet!!!!



A big thanks to all the kids and leaders who came along- the kids were all fantastic and so happy to jump in and get involved with everything and the leaders helped us so much to supervise the children and keep everyone safe and happy. Their reward was a wee cup of tea in the leader’s café!Leaders cafe 7

This event was organised and led by our wonderful Connor children’s council so a huge thanks to all of them! A special thanks to our young leaders, Sarah and Caitlin from Lambeg and Hannah and Tammi from Cloughfern who came along to help us out.


Tim Whittaker from Lisburn Cathedral sourced our sound equipment and was our sound Tim on soundengineer on the day as well as being a useful “tall” person to hang up decorations!! We do it all again next week in Ballymoney, so if that one is in your area – please come along!!

We would love to see you there.




To see more photos of the day – see the photo gallery below.

Arrivals and on Stage

Workshops and Leaders Café