Kid’s Activity Week at St Paul’s Lisburn

St Paul’s Lisburn pulled in the crowds at their Kid’s Activity week with a Wild West theme which was held from 4th-8th August.
There were over 150 children registered with around 125 coming along each night.
The programme consisted of a range of craft activities which children could get involved with as soon as they arrived. These were followed by a play in 4 parts which was written and performed by Chris Neilands, St. Paul’s Youth and Children’s worker along with 2 other talented volunteers. The kids were captivated by the story of how Sneaky Sam tried to get all the loot and then began to realise that he might be rich but he sure was lonely!! Was he about to mend his ways?
The evening continued with lots of activities including dance, football coaching and games. The kids demolished quite a few packets of biscuits each night; to keep their strength up you understand and went away happy with a handful of completed craft activities.
Friday night was a special family night which included a bar-b-que, bouncy castles, face painting, puppets, crafts, games, a vintage tea room, the police and fire brigade dropping in and loads more.

Heather Carson, Rev Jim Carson’s wife, heads up the children’s ministry at St. Paul’s. They have seen the children’s work grow thanks to Heather’s dedication and the importance placed on children in the parish. Heather has a team of amazing volunteers who give their time and energy to the children’s ministry in the church. Heather also has identified a team of people who will pray specifically for the children. They receive information about what is going on with the kid’s work in the parish and pray for each group and event planned. the results speak for themselves!

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