Jordanstown’s Holiday Bible Club

St. Patrick’s Jordanstown held their first holiday bible club this summer. Rev. Jonny Campbell-Smith enlisted the help of a team of volunteers from New Wine in Sligo, who had all been involved in the Kid’s Programme there during the summer.

The idea was that the team would train up the St. Patrick’s volunteers “on the job” by gradually handing over more and more of the programme to the local volunteers as the week progressed.

Each morning, the whole team met together for a bible reflection led by Rev. Jonny, followed by prayer in groups as everyone handed over the day to God’s hands and asked for His help and guidance throughout.

Over 60 children came to the club each day and took part in a high energy, exciting programme which included a time together with praise, testimonies, messy games and challenges, memory verses, talks and prayer and time in groups taking part in games, crafts and bible based activities.

The children were given the opportunity to respond to God by praying, talking, listening and doing. The club had a significant impact on the children with many of them responding to God’s call and wanting to follow Him.

The team of volunteers from St. Patrick’s were willing to step out of their comfort zone and try things they hadn’t done before such as leading activities from the front and guiding the children as they prayed in groups. There was a mix of ages amongst the volunteers from retired people to teenagers, working together and being like the family of God we all want our churches to be!

Thanks to the help and support of the New Wine team, St. Patrick’s are now set to lead next year’s holiday bible club independently! We pray it goes from strength to strength.