Holiday Bible club at Jordanstown

St Patrick’s, Jordanstown, have enjoyed another year of their Holiday Bible Club which took place from 10th – 14th August. Last year was the first year that St Patrick’s had embarked on this outreach to primary school children and had been assisted by New Wine. Having learnt much from last year, they decided to lead on their own with a team of approximately 15 leaders and helpers. They used the “Starship Discovery Holiday Club” resource which takes the ever popular space theme to explore five characteristics of one of Jesus’ closest friends – Peter, a fisherman and disciple, looking each day at turning to Jesus, trusting Jesus, saying sorry to Jesus, transformed by Jesus, and finally the willingness to be trained for the Christian journey ahead. The leaders used a mixture of songs, puppets, crafts, games and teaching to share the message each day.

Rev. Jonny Campbell-Smyth, Curate in St Patrick’s remarked that, ‘Last year we were so amazed at the enthusiasm of kids to engage and listen to stories of Jesus. We were therefore delighted this year when we received 90 children to our Bible Club. Unfortunately we had to turn some children and parents away as we had no more room, but it’s truly amazing at the interest that this outreach into the Jordanstown community has raised. Although there is lots of fun and energy in what we have done, the highlight and reason why this outreach is so important has been the number of children who during week have made a commitment to follow Jesus.

As a follow-up to the Club, all families have been invited to come to St Patrick’s weekly informal Family worship , and it is hoped that all families will be visited before the end of the year.