Good Friday at St. Patrick’s Ballymena

On Good Friday, St. Patrick’s Ballymena had a Family service with Bishop Alan taking part. Afterwards they had an event called “Buns and crosses” where the children took part in activities and the parents had tea and hot cross buns.

Lucy McLouglan (Children’s and Youth worker for the parish) and her team used the “Easter Presentation” from the Ripple website as the inspiration for the children’s activities. They decorated the hall according to the five different Easter scenes; Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, the Garden, the Cross and the Tomb and they walked through the Easter story with the children. The presentation involves opening an Easter egg at each stage and finding different items inside.

Lucy writes “I had fun trying to separate chocolate eggs and putting the stuff inside and then sticking them back with chocolate! We had over 25 children and it was great! The children got a lot out of it!”