Free Faith Base Resources to use during the Coronavirus outbreak

There are many free resources being provided to help parents and families get through this difficult time when we our normal way of life is changing and we have to stay away from others by socially distancing ourselves and in many cases, completely self isolating.

Ripple Connor Children’s Ministry would love to help you share resources with families with children from your church who now or in the near future will be out of school and will have vastly reduced activities to take part in. Therefore we will try to signpost you to some recommended resources and search out some of the best material that is available.

These resources should provide a way to help  families continue to build up their faith and relationship with God and continue to trust Him through this almost unprecedented event of our lifetimes.

Here’s the first 2 to begin with:

The Southern Baptist Convention’s publishing arm, Lifeway Christian Resources, is offering a free, in-home children’s Bible study program available to churches of all kinds that have postponed their services due to the coronavirus outbreak. LifeWay have created a temporary free resource called LifeWay Kids at Home.  Click on  their link “LifeWay Kids at Home” to access the resources. Parents and their children are offered a Sunday school-like alternative that will provide weekly media-driven kids’ Bible study at home.


Illustrated Ministry are providing free, weekly, faith formation resources for all ages. To access the material click on this link Illustrated Ministry special offer. Once you register they will end you a weekly email (on Fridays) with free, downloadable resources that you can use throughout the upcoming week.