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Palm Sunday Story Circle

An Easter Presentation

The resurrection Story Circle

Egg and Pipecleaner Easter talk


Drama scripts

The Lost Bag -A Palm Sunday script

Who’s to blame


Fun Facts

10 Fun Facts about Easter Eggs


Useful Websites

Jesus without language -This website has 2 Easter related lesson sets. Click on the link to go to the website.

Mustard Seeds – There are 3 Easter related lesson sets to buy including a brand new one called Luke’s First Easter for ages 3-11 and a Bible Tots plan covering Easter for 18mths-3yrs. Click on the link to go to the website.

Lost Sheep Easter story – Check out the Lost Sheep Easter story by clicking on the link. Resources are reasonably priced and are available in digital or paper format.

Lent and Easter assembly talks – Assemblies.org website allowing you to search for a topic – plenty of resources available for Lent and Easter.

40 Acts – register for free to access a range of resources and ideas for an active Lent.

Children’s Ministry Network – check out the latest Lent and Easter ideas from the children’s Ministry Network and the Sunday School Society

Going 4 Growth – Church Of England website for children and young people – click on the link for seasonal ideas and resources

Bible App for Kids Curriculum– The bible app for kids comes with a free to download curriculum for a range of their stories, including this Easter one “A Happy Day”. Click on the link to see more. Suitable for up to pre-school aged children.