Easter Kids Club at Mary Magdalene Parish

There’s fun and games in Mary Magdalene Parish Church this Holy week at the Easter Kids Club which runs Monday –Friday from 5pm to 7pm.

The club starts with a snack followed by some high energy games in the large upstairs hall. The children then get involved in activities including memory verse learning, crafts and challenges.

Following that its off to visit the church itself for action songs, videos and discussion about the Easter story.

To round off its back into the hall for a hot meal which goes down a treat after all that dancing and jumping about in the church!

The club is overseen by Rev Bob Cotter and his wife Sally who are working hard to engage with families in the local community. Alison Shaw is the Family worker at Mary Magdalene and has contact with many of the children and their families through homework clubs, schools work and women’s group as well as special events such as Fun Days. Rev Bob, Sally and Alison have valued this opportunity to deepen their connection with the local children.

The church staff has been supported by the team from The Hub at Queen’s. Rev. Barry Forde, Lynn Gibson (Assistant Chaplain), James Mateer (Intern Assistant) and Elise Brammer (Intern Assistant) were responsible for planning and organising the activities. A team of Queen’s students help with the day to day running of the club, building relationships with the kids though the activities, through having fun and through being with them each day. The kids have been joining in wholeheartedly, having fun and learning the amazing truths of the Easter story as the photos and video below will testify!

Church front
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