Day 5 of Cabin Fever premieres on 7th August

Our final day of our online diocesan Holiday Bible Club premieres tomorrow at 10 am and 11:30 am as before! You will  find the 2 videos by heading to the Ripple homepage and clicking on the links, or on the Connor Diocesan website or  on our Ripple Connor Facebook page.

In the final session, Professor Moody introduces the last guest professor and together we learn how to make giant bubbles, indoor rainbows, and find out about the final part in the story of Noah and his family. There’s all the usual mix of activities and fun so why not join us!

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to Day 4. They were:

Lisa and Faith from St.Stephen’s and St. Michael’s for the warm ups,  Claire and ‘Holy Harry’ from Antrim Parish for the Big Experiment, Victoria Jackson (CLCGB) for the game, Lauren, Peter and Granny and Grandad from Antrim Parish for the memory verse part 1, Lauren and family, and Reese and Zosia from Antrim Parish, Charlie from Derryvolgie Parish and Theo from St. Bartholomew’s  for the question of the day, Karen and Caroline Webb for the puppet drama, Elma and Mia from Agherton Parish for the art activity, Lynn from Glenavy Parish as our ‘Trainee Scientist, ‘Professor’ Rachel and ‘Professor’ Mark from St. Bartholomew’s and The Crawfords from Ballymena Parish for the science experiment demo, Grace and Aaron from Antrim Parish for the memory verse Part 2, and last but not least Lisa from St. Stephen’s and St. Michael’s for the prayer activity.

Everyone did a fantastic job! You were all great!