Creative Christmas ideas and events at United Parish

The United Parish of Ballyclare and Ballynure have planned some very creative activities for the Christmas Season.  These include lighting up the churches in multi-colours, a Drive in Carol Service for the town, 50 Turkey Hamper Giveaway and an Online Adult Nativity. Have a look at their website ( more details.

One of the MOST exciting things that is happening has been organised by Dianne Hamilton, the parish’s Associate for Youth and Children’s ministry. Dianne has written a Children’s Story book for Christmas called ‘The Very Special Upside Down Christmas tree. The book follows grandad, Tommy and Tilly as they choose an extraordinary Christmas tree  to go along with the extraordinary year we have all had. The message in the book is clear and true to the bible but is also fun and entertaining. It links into the parish’s overall theme of ‘Upside Down Christmas- God upends our expectations’.

The book has been illustrated by children from within the parish and will be printed and given away free to every primary school child in the greater Ballyclare area (1,500 copies).  To link in with the book and the Christmas theme, the church has displayed an upside down Christmas tree outside the church. Children who receive the book will be able to look out for the upside down tree which will help bring the story to life. HOW COOL IS THAT!!