Christmas Resources for 2020

Connor Diocese Christmas Resource

Christina Baillie the Diocesan Youth Officer and Jill Hamilton the Diocesan Children’s Officer have put together this resource Connor Diocese Christmas Resource with ideas for Advent and Christmas 2020 taking into consideration the very unique set of circumstances that we find ourselves in.  We know that clergy and leaders throughout the diocese are trying to think creatively and find ways to stay connected with the young people and families in their congregations. We pray that this resource will be helpful in doing that during this important season!

All Age Service for Christmas

Click on the links below for an All Age Service plus accompanying resources.

All Age service Chosen!

The video ‘It begins in Bethlehem’ is available from

Here’s the shortened PowerPoint version  It begins in Bethlehem – Mary and Joseph

Quiz -Video version   Shepherds in the Bible Quiz

Quiz- PowerPoint Version    Shepherds in the bible quiz

The song ‘He Chose the Shepherds’ is from Friends and Heroes. Click on the link to access their website and download the video for free.

Nativity prayers

Adapted Messy church service

If you would like to host a Messy Church gathering, why not try using this simplified version of activities recommended by Messy Church:

  • A short welcome and introduction to the bible theme
  • Half an hour of 1-3 bible-based activities
  • A story and a prayer (no song)

Families go to one area e.g. a table and stay there for the whole session. All the equipment they need for the activities is available at the table.

The MC team have also produced a risk assessment that you can download and fill it. It is available here

Here’s a Messy Church outline produced by Ripple Connor following the format above. The game Sheep drive is one of the suggested activities. 

Christmas Messy Church outline Chosen!

Word version  Sheep drive game

PDF version   Sheep drive game

The Messy Church team have produced a new Christmas resource from their ‘Messy Church at Home’ resources. Click on the link to access  Messy Church at Home- Messy Christmas

The other Messy Church at Home sessions are available here

In Partnership with the Children’s Society the Messy Church team have produced Messy Christingle . Click on the link to find a full session and an ‘at home’ version.

Fun Family Quiz

Why not host a Christmas family Quiz night on Zoom for a bit of fun? These videos made by Ripple Connor are a hassle-free way of hosting a quiz with 6 rounds all on a Christmas theme.
Or take some of the ideas and adapt them to suit your own context. You can find the videos here


Recommended Resources

This year’s Christmas resource from the Bible Society UK is ‘It begins in Bethlehem’ available from

With accompanying resources including an instant virtual nativity. For previous year’s videos click here


The Good Book Company has some free videos available with read- throughs of Christmas children’s books by the authors. You can download the videos here .Other Christmas books include, A Very Noisy Christmas, The Christmas Promise.



The Good Book Company are also providing PowerPoint illustrations of some of their books for large group storytelling. All of these are now free to download here

The Littlest Watchman is a great book for Advent As children wait with anticipation for Christmas, they can follow the adventures of Benjamin­­– the littlest watchman–who waits for and then witnesses the first Christmas.  Others for Christmas include, There’s a Lion in my Nativity, A Very Noisy Christmas, The Christmas Promise.

Christmas in a Nutshell an animated short with a simple mix of graphics and words bring home the true meaning of Christmas.


Outside/In This short animation from Lifewords can be downloaded at

Ideal for groups, services and events. The Christmas story is full of unlikely characters. Those on the edges are drawn to the heart of the action. Everyone is invited in.