Children’s Week at St. Patrick’s Ballymena

Last week in St. Patrick’s Ballymena was children’s week and what a packed week of activities it was! The Polar Explorers Scripture Union Club took place every evening from 7pm – 8.15pm.

With the help of two characters; Sir Random Finds and Bare Feet, the children were Polar Explorers Club 12 sent on a mini-expedition each evening and learnt about a New Testament character. Through the lives of these people, they learnt that no one is excluded from being part of God’s big expedition, that is, to be a friend of Jesus and go out and help other people be friends of Jesus too.

On Day 1 they learned about the disciple Peter and that you can never make too many mistakes to be part of God’s expedition.

On Day 2, the key character was Stephen and they learned that you are never too ordinary to be part of God’s expedition.Polar Explorers Club 8

On Day 3, the children learned about Philip and the Ethiopian official and how we are never too far away to be part of God’s expedition.

On Day 4, the key character was Saul and they learned that you are never too bad to be part of God’s expedition.

On Day 5, they learned through Timothy’s life that you are never too young to be part of God’s expedition.Polar Explorers Club 4

The halls at St. Patrick’s were decorated with posters, artwork and an enormous milk carton igloo to name just a few things. The programme included songs, games, art and crafts, storytelling, puppets and much more.


On Saturday evening, there was a Family Fun night with bouncy castles, face painting, jumping clay, tattoos, chocolate fountain and a BBQ! There was a fantastic turn out and everyone had a whale of a time!

Family Fun Night 1


Family Fun Night 3Family Fun Night 4

The Sunday morning children’s prize giving service was the culmination of the week’s events. The church was decorated with the Polar Explorers artwork and the children participated fully throughout the service, singing, playing instruments, leading the prayers and taking up the collection. There were prizes for all the children and cups for some very special children who had shown great faithfulness and enthusiasm throughout the year. The church was packed with some very proud parents and grandparents! The children’s and youth work at St. Patrick’s is led by Lucy McLoughlan and Alan Ross. Rev. Stuart Lloyd thanked them and all their volunteers for the huge amount of work that they put into the week.

Church Service 5 Church Service 4 Church Service 3