Children’s Ministry Network Advent Newsletter

The latest Children’s ministry newsletter is jam packed with ideas for Advent and Christmas. Just click on the link below to see it!

Advent Newsletter 2015

The following resources were supplied by Lynn Storey who volunteers  for the  Sunday School Society and has a real depth of experience and love of children’s ministry. Lynn is a member of the Children’s Network

She writes ” This is a link to a Superhero Christmas Script that can be easily adapted where necessary in parts

Also find below instructions for  a hanging CD ornament which is easy and kids love making taken from the Resource Room at (yearly subscription but well worth it !)

CD Hanging Ornament Craft

And finally check out our photo of the knitted sheep we are using in our Christmas Nativity Sheep Trail taken from “Messy Nativity” which can be downloaded as a PDF or bought in book form . As well as the sheep trail the book outlines the idea of a Nativity Set Journey with small knitted sheep. A Nativity set is passed from family to family and each family can  choose one sheep from the “flock” before passing the set on to the next host family after saying a little prayer. I’m using both these ideas in Rathfarnham all going to plan.

Nativity Sheep Trail