Care for the Family’s “Mum’s the Word” event


Local mums are invited  to attend an evening event, hosted by former Blue Peter presenter and celebrity mum, Diane Louise Jordan that will offer amusing insights into the challenges that mothers face as well as practical tips on juggling work, life, children and everything else.

The event, entitled Mum’s the Word, has been organised by national charity Care for the Family, whose aim is to strengthen family life and help those facing family difficulties.  It will take place at Orangefield Presbyterian, Belfast  on 14 October from 7.30pm to 10.00pm.

Experienced speaker Cathy Madavan will co-present with broadcaster Diane, who between them have three children.  They will both share their own experiences of motherhood.  Topics covered will include: Does ‘Supermum’ really exist?; choosing your battles; and learning how to let go.

Caroline Bradley, national representative at Care for the Family in Northern Ireland  said:  “Unlike an electrical appliance, children don’t come with rules and instructions attached. As mothers, we can often feel guilty and as though we are failing, by not knowing how to deal with the situations in which we find ourselves.  We think we should be able to manage, because everyone else seems to.  The aim of Mum’s the Word is to help mothers realise that these feelings are normal and, most importantly, that they are not alone!  Presenters Cathy and Diane are both busy, working mums and so know first-hand the challenges of juggling all aspects of family life.”

As well as providing lots of practical tips, the evening will offer clips and stories that are guaranteed to make mums of all ages smile.

Tickets for the event cost £6 per person and include refreshments, but if you book before 31st August tickets will be £4.  Group discounts are also available.  To reserve your place call 029 2081 0800 or visit  Please book early to avoid disappointment.