Baby Basics November update

Baby Basics Belfast is growing from strength to strength and we are delighted to say that we now have given out 34 starter packs consisting of either a Moses basket or another container such as a baby bath or laundry basket filled full of essential items for mother and baby.

We have been really blessed in the month of October to have 3 churches from the diocese support us – just when our resources were severely dwindling, we received a fantastic boost from Lambeg Parish, Greenisland Parish and Mossley Parish. Our heartfelt thanks go to all the parishioners who supported us during the four-week challenges!

Recent requests involved helping families who didn’t have a cot/Moses basket for their baby to sleep in and were co-sleeping with the baby in their own bed. This caused concern for the health visitors attending the families who came to Baby Basics Belfast for help. Thanks to the generous donations from churches we were able to provide cot mattresses, Moses baskets and a crib for the various families to enable them to provide a safe sleeping pattern for their baby.

Some of the families we support are homeless – some are living in hostels and others are staying temporarily with friends. Once young mum who already has 2 small children is homeless and expecting twins in December.  She is currently sleeping on a friend’s sofa. The things that we provide only go a small way to help people who are facing very tough circumstances, but we believe they carry a message of love; that the family is valued and precious. As well as all the practical items in the Baby Basics pack we include a card which says, “You are beautiful, for you are wonderfully and fearfully made” from Psalm 139. We pray that little card will be the voice of God speaking into difficult situations and letting people know they are loved.


Here is some of the feedback we have received from our health visitors over the last 2 months.

Family Nurse Partnership

All the girls have been overwhelmed at the generosity and have loved their starter packs. I was visiting J recently who had her baby boy and she kept the little card that was in the pack (with the passage from the book of Psalms), it was placed on her display cabinet in her living room, she was obviously touched by this.


Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

I have had two mothers receive a Moses basket starter pack and a hamper and both have been overwhelmed. One mum was so delighted with the hand knit cardigans and couldn’t believe someone would take the time to knit them for her. I am very aware we often do not see the impact of the seeds we sow, so I thought I would let you know how much your work is touching mothers in the community.


Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

Once again, I would like to say a big thank you for all the beautiful baby items you left yesterday for H and her baby; also the mattress, I delivered them to her this morning she was so overwhelmed with all the things and asked me to forward a word of thanks, her eyes filled up with emotion it is so much appreciated.