Baby Basics August update

August has been a busy month for Baby Basics Belfast. We have had 8 referrals this month and have sent out 8 starter packs; 6 starter packs with Moses baskets and 2 others without Moses baskets. For families that already have a Moses basket we pack up all the items in a laundry basket which could also be used for storing nappies or toys.

This month Jill visited the Family Nurse Partnership team in their office on the Antrim Road. The Family Nurse Partnership works with teenage mums and provides support for them for the first 2 years of the child’s life. There is a small staff team of 4, dedicated to helping the young mums provide the best start they can for their babies.  Many of the young mums they come into contact with are in need of support from Baby Basics. The team has already made several referrals to Baby Basics. Jill says “My visit was to meet all the staff and show the Baby Basics pack to some of the team who hadn’t already seen it. Everyone in the team was really impressed with Baby Basics and thought it would be very beneficial for many of their clients.”

Jill also had the opportunity to visit the Belfast Trust Health Visiting teams at their joint staff meeting on Crumlin Road this month. There were around 60 health visitors from teams all around Belfast at the meeting. Jill commented “It was great to be able to show the Moses basket starter pack to everyone as seeing it for themselves and hearing exactly how to make a referral is the best way to understand the project. I had some really positive responses from the team and have already had 2 referrals from them since the meeting took place.”

This autumn we already have 3 churches lined up who are willing to support Baby Basics and take part in our 4 week challenge. They are Lambeg Parish, Greenisland  and Christ Church Lisburn. We look forward to partnering with these parishes and we are also on the lookout for 1 or 2 more. The idea for the 4 week challenge came from a conversation Karen had with Rev. Eddie Coulter who suggested the idea! We loved the idea of a 4 week challenge from the beginning and thought it would work very well and so far it is proving to be successful. Karen and Jill are looking forward to visiting the parishes during the autumn at their morning service and sharing information and about Baby Basics.

Thanks to everyone who supports Baby Basic Belfast,


Jill Hamilton (Connor Diocese Children’s Project Development Officer)

Karen Webb (Church Army Sister)