All Inclusive Seminar

Where:7.30pm in St John’s Parish Centre, Main Street, Moira

When: 12th November from 7:30-10.00pm

Who for: Clergy, youth and children’s leaders, uniformed organization leaders and Sunday School teachers

About: Most children’s and youth workers want to include kids of all abilities and needs in what they do, but many struggle to make this a reality. How can parents, churches and children’s/youth workers not only understand more about the children we are working with, but also change the way we work with them so to be more inclusive?

Speaker: Mark Arnold, is the Chief Operating Officer at the youth and children’s missionary movement Urban Saints (formerly known as Crusaders). Mark has over 20 years of youth work experience and is the father of James, a boy with Autism.

For more details and for booking information go to the Connor Diocesan website.