All Aboard

The All Aboard Children’s Ministry Programme is a 36- week Bible based teaching programme suitable for children aged 4-11. It has been written by Jill Hamilton, with help from members of the Diocesan children’s council. Year 2 has now been written and will be available Autumn 2020.

The All Aboard programme is available free of charge to leaders in Connor Diocese who would like to use the programme with their church children’s group.  It comes in printed form in a folder with lesson plans and photocopiable resource sheets and also in digital form with accompanying visual resources in a pen drive.

Extra resources to accompany the programme can be found below.

All Aboard Year planner 2019-2020 (word version)

All Aboard Year planner 2019-2020 (pdf version)

Timetable visuals -medium size

All Aboard Dive In Information sheets – Year 1

All Aboard Online

Click on the link above to access 8 videos from the All Aboard material. The videos are around 15 minutes in length and can be used as a Sunday session with the children in your Sunday School or club.

All Aboard ‘Bitesized’

All Aboard Bitesized will be available from September 2020 and can be used by churches to connect with children and families at the beginning of the new school term before face to face children’s groups are reopened. It consists of an activity sheet for children and families to do at home and a short accompanying video. It is based on the All Aboard material.  Click on the link above to access the material.