All Aboard Online Week 4 – The Wise Men!

Coming up this Sunday is the final video in our All Aboard online – The Christmas story series.

This week we are focusing on the Wise Men. We learn how they follow the star to Jerusalem and then head to the Royal Palace where they think this new born King will be born. They meet King Herod who is none too pleased to hear about the existence of another King and they are advised that according to the prophets of old, the long awaited King of the Jews is to be born in Bethlehem! They set off again following the star to see where it will lead them.

Come with us on the journey of the Wise men and join in with interactive stories, a quiz, a craft and prayer activity a game and and final verse of our Keepy Uppy Christmas song!

A big thanks to the members of Connor’s Children’s Council who participated in the making of these videos!

You can find the video here on the Ripple website or by following the links from the home page. It can also be found on our Ripple Facebook page and on the  Connor diocesan website.