All Aboard Online Week 3 ‘The Shepherds’

Week 3 of our All Aboard online Christmas series will be released this Sunday morning (13th December).

This week our thoughts turn to ‘The Shepherds’ and we learn a bit about what life was like for a shepherd living at the time of Jesus’ birth. Why was it that the shepherds were first to hear that the Saviour of the World had been born. Who told them and what did they do when they heard?

There are storytelling videos, a game, a prayer activity, a craft and the third part of our ‘Keepy Uppy Christmas song’ so why not join the fun and take a look at this part of the Christmas story. You will find us here on the Ripple website or by following the links from the home page. You can also access the video on the Ripple Facebook page and on the Diocesan Connor website.