All Aboard Online Session 8

We look forward to you joining us again for session 8 of All Aboard Online.

Session 8 is all about Jesus the good shepherd  and looks at the story of the Lost Sheep.  We explore the theme through storytelling, a quiz, a puppet sketch and a prayer activity.

As usual,  the session will be available from Sunday 14th June at 8 a.m. both here on the Ripple website and on our Ripple Connor Facebook page. It will also be available on the Connor Diocesan website.

Thanks to Karen Webb and Stephen Whitten from our Diocesan Centre of Mission and Caroline Webb (Riverside Performing Arts, Birmingham) for helping us with this weeks session as well as of course Engelbert and Humperdinck,  the amazing camels!!

This Sunday will conclude our ‘All Aboard Online’ sessions.  Everybody say AWWWHHHHH!!!

However we aren’t going away for too long. Please look out the launch of our ‘All Aboard Online Holiday Bible Club’ entitled Cabin Fever which will be an interactive look at the story of Noah’s Ark.  It will be available from early August.