All Aboard Bitesized Sessions for March

7th-21st March

This month’s All Aboard Bitesized Sessions focus on the the bible characters Samuel and David.  We look at how God spoke to Samuel when he was a boy serving in the temple with the priest Eli. In the second session we dip into Samuel’s life again now grown up and a prophet of the Lord and we see him being sent to anoint David as the new King of Israel. In our last session we focus on the famous story of David killing the giant Philistine warrior Goliath.

This week’s session is available from Sunday 7th March. The activity sheet can be downloaded from the Ripple website here where you and also find the Saddleback video of the story. Older children may prefer to read the story for themselves in the bible. It can be found in 1 Samuel 3.

 28th March

Instead of our usual Dive In week recapping on the months stories we will have a Palm Sunday video and activity sheet.