All Aboard Bitesized – Jesus heals a man born blind

Week 3 of our series on the Miracles of Jesus, looks at the story of Jesus healing a man born blind.

This incredible story shows the power of Jesus and his compassion and love. It also show the attitudes of the religious leaders who were so opposed to Jesus that they wanted to deny the miracle and cast doubt on the integrity of Jesus since the healing took place on the Sabbath. The testimony of the man healed from his blindness cuts through all their arguments when he says ‘One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”

The storytelling video which is from Saddleback Kids and the All Aboard Bitesized activity sheet will be available from Sunday 21st February on the Ripple website here

There are also additional resources available for last week’s Story ‘The Marvellous Picnic’ including a video from Max7 and an extra activity sheet, so if you want to have another look at that amazing miracle of Jesus, the resources are available now in the same location.