All Aboard Bitesized – February’s Dive In Week

Here we are at the final week  of our All Aboard Bitesized sessions on the miracles of Jesus!

This is a review week when we think back to this month’s stories exploring how Jesus revealed his true self with miraculous signs of healing, control over nature and feeding an enormous crowd!  Take our  ‘Four Colours’ quiz to see what you remember about these 3 miracles of Jesus.  There are 4 multiple choice answers all linked with a colour, and all you have to do is shout out the colour when you think you know the correct answer!

The quiz will be available from Sunday 28th February and can be found on the Ripple website here.  You can also find this week’s activity sheet just below the video. This week it has 4 activities linked to the stories we have covered this month.

Next month we are going to be focusing on the Old Testament characters Samuel and David so I hope you can join in again.