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Ripple: Children’s Ministry Connor


What’s New!

Check out the All Aboard online sessions. They will be available every Sunday by clicking on the All Aboard tab at the top of the page or by clicking on the All Aboard image to your left.

As well as an interactive video, there will be worksheets and activities linked to the story to download.

I really hope you enjoy the sessions and find them useful!



Jump in, make a splash, create ripples

There is a lot of exciting children’s ministry going on in Connor diocese and many talented people putting their gifts to good use for God’s Kingdom. This website is about celebrating the great things already happening, sharing good practice with each other and offering suggestions and ideas for how we can keep our children’s ministry vital, up to date, interesting, and most importantly God centred.


Children’s Ministry throughout Connor takes place in rural areas, towns and cities, among church families and families in the local community, at different times of the year, with varying amounts of resources and numbers of willing leaders/helpers. There are issues and hurdles that we all face and so the aim of this website is to help provide you with ideas and resources to fit your situation. Please get in touch if you would like to share an idea or ask for specific advice.


Children’s ministry is a journey of discovery which can take unexpected twists and turns. We need to abandon any notion of power and embrace an attitude of service. It is always better when we journey together.

Latest News

All Aboard Online Session 7

This Sunday All Aboard Online explores the story of the disciple Peter who heals a man who couldn’t walk. Having received the gift of the Holy Spirit and being filled with God’s power, the disciples are carrying on the work of Jesus teaching and sharing God’s word and healing those who are sick. Session 7 will be available from Sunday 7th June at 8

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Online Holiday Bible Club coming this summer!

Ripple Connor will be hosting a 5 day holiday bible club called ‘CABIN FEVER’ which will have a science theme led by ‘THE PROFESSORS’ and will link into the story of Noah who must have suffered extreme cabin fever in that ark for a year!! If you have suffered a bit of cabin fever yourself over the last weeks you will be able to

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All Aboard Online Session 6

This Sunday it’s Pentecost Sunday and so All Aboard Online is all about celebrating the birthday of the church – the day when the Holy Spirit came and filled the disciples just as Jesus had promised. Session 6 will be available from Sunday 31st May at 8 a.m. both here on the Ripple website and on our Ripple Connor Facebook page. It will also

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