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There is a lot of exciting children’s ministry going on in Connor diocese and many talented people putting their gifts to good use for God’s Kingdom. This website is about celebrating the great things already happening, sharing good practice with each other and offering suggestions and ideas for how we can keep our children’s ministry vital, up to date, interesting, and most importantly God centred.

Children’s Ministry throughout Connor takes place in rural areas, towns and cities, among church families and families in the local community, at different times of the year, with varying amounts of resources and numbers of willing leaders/helpers. There are issues and hurdles that we all face and so the aim of this website is to help provide you with ideas and resources to fit your situation. Please get in touch if you would like to share an idea or ask for specific advice.

Children’s ministry is a journey of discovery which can take unexpected twists and turns. We need to abandon any notion of power and embrace an attitude of service. It is always better when we journey together.

Latest News

Connor’s Big Weekend

Lisburn Cathedral Chapter is working in partnership with the Youth and Children’s development Officers Christina Bailie and Jill Hamilton to host a very exciting weekend of events for children, youth, and children’s and youth leaders. Connor’s Big weekend will take place on 16th and 17th November 2019 in St. Patrick’s Parish Ballymena. Lisburn Cathedral Chapter and the Church of Ireland Orphans and Children’s Society

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Children’s Ministry Network Pentecost resource

The Children’s Ministry Network have put together this resource for Pentecost. Please click on the link below to access all the ideas. Pentecost All Age Service Resources For further helpful advice for volunteer leaders working with children in their local church check out  the Children’s Ministry Network website  at

All Aboard Training

Thanks to everyone who came along to the training evenings for the new All Aboard programme which has been produced by Ripple -Children’s Ministry Connor. The training took place in three venues across the diocese and it was fantastic to see so many come along and participate in the evenings. The enthusiasm and interest of all the voluntary leaders was very encouraging. On Tuesday

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